The Importance Of Women's Suffrage In America

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In a cold February Aunt Bessie hold me one her side to tell me that she has no more time to still be in this world and she trusted me with her money to change everything she wanted to get rid of. Your wish will come true after all. Time has passed after you left Aunt Bessie, you didn’t have much time to live but anyways you were always strong. Every time you worked hard to keep up with the progressives to succeed always turned out wrong. Now that you are gone, you left money to me, so that I would split it to three progressive reforms. I have now decided to where the one million dollars should be split for. I have decided to give $600,000 to women suffrage, $300,000 to food safety, and $100,000 to deforestation. Women need rights such as men and politicians. Their are smart women also they might be smarter or have better decisions than the government. With $600,000 they would make a group to organize women, while they are traveling the U.S. states to voice out other women to join and be interested. All of this money would be for food, transporting to states and maybe paying women to join them. Then, when all the women are all together they will fight in front of the government to make decisions that benefit every women in all states of the U.S. These are reasons why women should fight …show more content…

Many people are buying meat which cost them a lot to buy. People should eat good meat as they earned it, not giving them pieces of rat and cow mixed. Why did I give $300,000 to food safety? Factories are producing this meat and factories distribute this meat to states and other countries. The U.S. and parts of the world should end all of this to keep the people. The $300,000 is to give it to a group to embellish all of the disgusting meat. Is sufficient that this money can end food safety after all. Hiring scientists, doctors, and people who have experience of meat organs to check if it is good meat, has to be thrown out, or be useful for something

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