Ethical Issues In Factory Farming Business

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In this paper I am going to bring to you the things that customers are unaware of that goes on in the Factory Farming business. What is going on at these farms? What do we know about the health and wellness of these animals? What are the health concerns for humans? People would be shocked to know what happens on these types of farms and how the animals are treated. You see all these dairy farms and pig farms as you drive along the roadways and nothing even crosses our minds that they are treated inhumane or even tortured in ways. There needs to be better living conditions and treatment to these animals. Factory Farming is misleading in the treatment to animals. Consumers do not know how the animals are treated at the farms. We do…show more content…
We also need to let others know the conditions that are found at these locations. There are many things as consumers we do not think about and then again maybe we don’t want to know. Many animals today are raised in overcrowded pens with cement floors rather than the ideas that people have of them in fields and plenty of space to roam around. Some farms are so bad that the animals trample on each other to get to either their young that are taken away or to the food and end up dying. The animals that are affected by this are pigs, cows, chickens and even turkeys in some instances. People do not realize the abuse and cruelty that animals go through just to live the short lives they do. There are many farms that the conditions of the animals are so bad that they can die just from the lack of unsanitary conditions and lack of proper nutrition. We are unaware of all the types of steroids or drugs that these animals are fed or injected…show more content…
We as consumers need to take the time out to do our research and make award the things we have read, heard or seen whether it is on television, social media or a conversation among people. What are these farmers thinking? Who knows, but after I read about these situations I had thought about being a vegetarian. However; I like my meat so that is not going to happen, so I will just have to be vigilant on my selections of my meat
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