The Inspirational Story Of Mike Trout: A Major League Baseball Player

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Many major leaguers don’t know the difference between fame and notoriety. Mike Trout is a Major League baseball player who plays for the Los Angeles Angels. Mike Trout was drafted right out of his high school in New Jersey in the first round with the twenty second pick by the Los Angeles Angels. Mike ended up signing a 1.2-million-dollar contract with the Angels minor league team right out of high school to get a feel for the big leagues. Mike ended up making his major league debut July 8, 2011 as a teenager against the Seattle Mariners. Trout struggled his first game going zero for three with three strikeouts. Mike later became an everyday starter in the 2012 season while following it up with an award called AL rookie of the year. Mike is a five time MLB All-star and also a two time MVP winner in 2014 and 2016 while falling just short of the voting in 2012, 2013, and 2015. Following his break out season Mike landed …show more content…

The author of the book Bill Redban has a very neutral tone in the book because he is describing how Trout overcame his struggles turning them into success. The book talks about Trout’s story and the many accomplishments he had throughout his life. The book also talks about many things that an everyday fan would not know about mike trout. For instance, some of the things you will learn in the book are about his youth and family, his high school career, personal life legacy, professional career, and his charitable acts. In the book the author is a favorite of trout as he also describes how Trout has made many major impacts on young kid’s lives. All and all the book is a must read on a decorated young talented superstar with his struggles and success as a young individual growing

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