Before Osiris Analysis

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Before Osiris is from the New Kingdom, which a famous scene (chapter 125) from the book of the dead, that is a painted papyrus, a material prepared in ancient Egypt from the stem of a water plant, it was used in sheets for writing or painting, also used for making rope, boats, and sandals. The painted papyrus was found in the tomb of the scribe Hunefer and it dates to about 1285 BC. The scene reads from left to right and the papyrus is possibly around 45 centimeters in height and 90 centimeters in length, which is around 17 inches tall and 35 inches in length.
The Ancient Egyptian piece was created to represent the process of judgement that results in your status in the afterlife; if your heart is not lighter than the feather of Ma’at then it will devour by the beast Ammit, should you be
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The last scene Hunefer is seen once again being led by the son of Orsiris, having the head of a hawk, Horus, he is holding another Ankh. He is introducing Hunefer to Osiris, one of the supreme gods, he is identified as the God of the afterlife, underworld, and the dead. Orsiris sits behind a white lotus blossom which is a symbol of eternal life. On top of the blossom stands Horuss four children: North, South, East, and West. They are responsible for carrying the internal organs, of one who is accepted into the afterlife, which are placed in Canopic jars. This painted papyrus is most famous for the judgement because it is an important event to the Egyptians afterlife that determines how the afterlife will be spent according to the feather of Ma’at. The last judgment of Hunefer tells a story and emphasizes the importance of moral life and purity. The actions in which one chooses to live may have consequences if they are not according to the 42 principles of Ma’at. This painted papyrus is a masterpiece of representing the religious beliefs of Egyptian
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