The Literature Circles In Enrique's Journey

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I most aspects of the literature circle from the reading of Enrique’s Journey to the unique ideas and views each of us shared. I have nearly nothing negative to say about the literature circles, except that the “connector” appears to it a bit harder than the other members of the group considering they write more, from what I have seen. Although, you could say that it is fair considering that each member will be the connector once. Although, I enjoyed reading the nonfiction book Enrique’s Journey. With this in mind, I would say that The literature circles are doing fine other than a few minor issues. I have never liked nonfiction books, They always sounded boring, After all, who would want to read a book that talks about something that happened in real life? However, After I read Enrique’s Journey I saw that I was poorly mistaken as it is a nonfiction book, yet it is not boring, on the contrary, it was very interesting and always had me wondering what would happen …show more content…

My group always focused on their roles and contributed as much as they could. As soon as we got into our group, everyone would start to talk excitingly about the book. When we were answering questions most of us would answer unless someone else had already said what we were about to. I did not have a single problem with my group. The roles in the literature circles are mostly balanced, except I felt like the Connector does more than the rest seeing as they are required to write roughly one paragraph for each connection and it is quite difficult to find some of the connections. Perhaps requiring about two sentences per connection would be a bit more fair. Although, you could also argue that it is fair with each person being required to be the connector once. But this is only my opinion. There may be more issues, however, this is the only one that I could

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