The Main Causes Of World War I

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Trey Torres Mrs. Stetter World History 20 February 2023 Causes of World War I World War 1 was caused by militarism because countries were starting to spend more money on their militaries causing other countries to worry that a war might occur, The alliances were one of the main causes because the two, three country alliances caused countries to believe that they were ready to fight along with their allies, and lastly imperialism due to it happening all over Europe its destroyed many countries relationships to be now near the brink of war. Overall the main causes of World war 1 were Militarism, Imperialism, and the alliances in the war. The role of militarism in World War 1 was a leading factor that caused World war 1, as it led to an intense arms race among many European nations. The desire to achieve a better military than every other country created a lot of competition that ultimately led to the war's outbreak. The amount of money spent on many countries increased significantly over the years as countries wanted to increase their military strength. This led to an escalation in the number of troops, weapons, and other military resources that would help each of them to win the war. As countries became more militarily prepared, other nations became increasingly suspicious of their intentions with their new technology and weapons, further escalating …show more content…

This would lead opposing countries to believe that the allied countries were ready to fight along with their allies, which also led to much mistrust. This heightened the risk of conflict and made it difficult to negotiate a peaceful solution. One example of this was when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia, and France declared war on Germany. The alliances increased the number of countries involved in the war, making it a global

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