The Manufacture Of Madness By Thomas Szasz: Chapter Analysis

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Simply looking at our world today, just how many major events are reflective of the wider social and psychological climate of our modern society? My interest in psychology emerged indirectly through my study in another subject: History. In particular, whilst engaging in my own historical interpretations study regarding the European Witch Craze, a recurring theme seemed to be hysteria and the psychological state of those involved in the hunts. Recently, reading a chapter of Thomas Szasz’s ‘The Manufacture of Madness’ has proved to be enlightening both in the context of my study, and in the links Szasz creates between the craze and the limitations of institutional psychiatry. This idea of social contexts, of how environmental stimuli can influence entire societies and then create and almost snowball effect in causing some of the most colossal occurrences in history is something that has morphed the way I view the world. In my experience of studying …show more content…

My skills in organisation have allowed me to meet deadlines and present consistently high standards of work. History has supplied me with evaluative skills, particularly when working with sources and determining the authorship and provenance of key documents and then going further to analyse these sources through a critical perspective. Furthermore, completing my History and English coursework has provided me with key research skills that are up to a university standard, requiring me to reference the work of critics and historians alike. Critical analysis skills in English have further allowed me to adopt an academic style of essay writing, allowing me to convey written work to a professional standard. Participating in the Performing Arts course has allowed me to expand on my creativity skills and the ways in which I approach tasks, in terms of solving problems in innovative ways, finding successful solutions rather than being confronted by a

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