Mexico City Olympics History

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You and me are human beings in this world of ours, we are filled with all sorts of history. How history came to be and how we remember these important events is thru stories, school, or reading nonfiction books. The Olympics is one of those events, specifically in 1968. The Mexico City Olympics. What is this event one may question. The Mexico City Olympics is basically where the importance of it was born. Mexico was the 1st to host the Olympic games,was held at the highest altitude of 2,239, and the athletes themselves competes in 122 men’s event,39 women’s event, and finally 11 mixed events. Now The Black Power Salute was done by 2 African Americans who were once athletes and both competed in the Mexico City Olympics of 1968, Also where this …show more content…

The Black Power Salute was a protest on the civil rights struggle. Each gesture represented a protest. The Athletes took off their shoes to protest poverty,wore beads and scarf to protest lynching, when the national anthem played they lowered their heads in defiance, and finally raised there black gloved fists to protest the civil rights struggle in the U.S. Carlos also unzipped his jacket which was a violation of the Olympics, this represented his working buddies, black and white back home. There supporter was the silver medalist, Peter Norman who was wearing a badge that read “Olympic Project for Human Rights”, this was an organization opposed to racism in sport. Many of the people were outraged especially the white politicians,journalists,and the administrators. They were trying to avoid any kind of protest or demonstrations while the Olympics was going on but as you read, it didn’t really work out. Millions of the people were thrilled because 2 men were standing unafraid and expressing there disappointment about the nation that was and still is falling. Tommie Smith and John Carlos were banned from the olympics and were sent back home. They faced many things after the demonstration like their careers were ruined ,received death threats over the years, and there family suffered because they couldn’t get good jobs. They spoke after a while this is what they said. Tommie Smith. "We were just human beings who saw a need to bring attention to the inequality in our country." "I don't like the idea of people looking at it as negative.There was nothing but a raised fist in the air and bowed head,acknowledging the American Flag-not symbolizing a hatred for it." John Carlos."We knew that what we were going to do was far greater than any athletic feat." "I saw love." He didn’t see fear. Tommie Smith and John Carlos risked their careers for what was right, Peter Norman

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