A Change In The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Collins

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On an island near the Amazon there is this place known for a hunting ground. In the story, The Most Dangerous Game, Richard Collins Illustrates a character who struggles to realize a point in which he thought didn't Matter. There was a great amount of conflict between the character and himself, in which he realizes the point that didn't matter to him actually did matter. The author wrote the conflict to reflect a change in the character because some characters changes throughout the story.

Rainsford is a big game hunter and he believes that nobody cares how the prey feels, but soon he gets a small idea of what it might feel like. Rainsford believes that hunting is the best sport but he is not thinking on what the hunted feels i which whitney …show more content…

Rainsford is afraid and barely realizing that maybe someone does care about how the hunted feels which he was close at the moment. "then pent-up air burst hotly from rains fords lungs His first thought made him feel sick and numb.The general could follow a trail. Rainsford seemed to be getting worried and it was a problem to him in which could have gave him wrong thoughts. Very soon after being in art hiding Rainsford had very easily realized that it does not feel good at all to be the hunted."The General was playing with him. The General was saving him from from another days of sport. The cossack was the cat; he was the mouse. Then it was the that rainsford knew the true meaning of terror." This was that very moment in which Rainsford had changed, because at this time he knew how it felt to be hunted and that is when he changed. From this point Rainsford had changed and he had saw hunting differently because he knows how it feels to be hunted.

It is imperative to know that the author wrote the conflicts to reflect a change in the characters because some of some of the character changed throughout the story. Richard cone has properly used the conflicts in The Most Dangerous game to show or reflect a change in the character Rainsford. Surely this story can show you that people can change through problems just like Rainsford's situation can show you that a conflict, whether

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