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The Mysterious Codex Gigas, The Devil’s Bible
In a Nutshell
It is the hugest ancient book supposed to contain all human knowledge. It is thought to have been written by a monk in the early thirteenth century in what is currently known as Czech Republic. It contains both texts and illustrations and the leaves of the book are made of vellum while the covers are made of wood. The striking feature of the book is the illustration of the devil which is allocated one page while on the opposite page is the illustration of the heavenly city believed to be The New Jerusalem as depicted in the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible.
The Whole Bushel
The book is shrouded in mystery as there have never been any valid answers to questions regarding the book. As such, throughout the years scientists have tried to find answers to the following questions:
• Who is the author or scribe of the book?
• Why did the scribe or creator of the book create such a book?
• Why is one page dedicated to the devil and the opposite page to the heavenly city?
• How many scribes were involved in writing the book? If only one scribe wrote the book, how long did it take for the scribe to write the book?
It is believed the book was created in the early thirteenth century. As to the authorship of the book, …show more content…

The book is known as the Devil’s Bible because of one single page which is an illustration of the Devil. The debate still rages whether it was the Devil who wrote and illustrated the funny (or scaring) cartoon of himself or the monk did so as a sign of acknowledging the Devil’s assistance. The picture of the devil stands at 20 inches long. He is depicted as having a green face with red eyes which are small. In addition, he has two horns, two claws and two tongues which are all in red color, and has worn an ermine loincloth while the rest of the body is naked. He is crouching, probably ready to pounce on

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