The Negative Cases Of Concussions In The NFL Football Players

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Former NFL superstar tight end Aaron Hernandez was convicted of executing a man. He killed him with six bullets inside an industrial park, he and was sentenced to life in prison (“Aaron Hernandez’s”).
Concussions are a scary reality of playing National Football League (NFL). Every year there are more and more players that are having season ending, or career ending injuries due to hits to the head. There have been many NFL players that have had serious issues due to concussions. Postmortem X-rays Hernandez suffered the worst case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) ever in a 27 year old, this likely affected his memory and control over his actions (“Aaron Hernandez’s”). While in prison Hernandez committed suicide using his bedsheets. Once a person dies, they can have an autopsy scan. Autopsy scans can take from sixty minutes to five hours (concussion [page 12]). This looks inside the brains of player’s which allows for scientists to detect black spots which are broken down tau protein (“Aaron Hernandez’s”). The images of Hernandez’s brain showed black spots. This happens due to the players head being smashed continuously (“Aaron Hernandez’s”). Despite the fact that Dr. Ann McKee could not confidently say that the CTE caused these violent behaviors, due to the rising number of cases of NFL it is clear that CTE is linked to these kinds of issues.

Since the 2017-2018 NFL season started, there have been more than 280 concussions in the NFL. That is an average of 12

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