Concussions In Sports Case Study

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Concussions On September 24, 2002 is when Bennet Omalu was getting ready to start an autopsy on the famous football player Mike Webster. Mike had died from blows to the head on the football field. But the Steelers claimed it was a heart attack. The blows to his head affected him most after he retired. He lost his job he lost his home and his wife, he was living in his truck. When Mike was still living with his wife he would sleep on the side of the road because he didn't remember how to get home. He would buy prescriptions he didn't need. The police said that he bought 19 necessary medicines. And it was all from concussions. While Bennet was working he could not find a cause of death. His body was in fine shape and had no problems. So Bennet …show more content…

But they couldn't analyze the body of this case. It was Justin Strzelczyk another former Steelers player. He was forced out of his house after threatening to kill his family. The police chased him going 90 mph down the wrong side of the highway and crashed into an oil tanker dieing in a fiery explosion. (Pittsburgh Post-gazette) After that more and more cases of CTE were found. The NFL had just been hiding the cases from the people. It is proven that 76 out of 79 NFL players will get CTE after they retire. And it has also been found in junior players later in life. 26 NFL players have died since Mike Webster's case was found by Bennet Omalu. Columbia Pictures later released a biographical movie on Bennet Omalu discovery in 2002 starring Will Smith.(Columbia Pictures) In all honesty the movie makes me want to never play football again. I would highly suggest the movie. Thanks to Bennet Omalu most all football teams now know what football will do to them. Bennet is now living in california in an oceanside house. But Bennet is still performing autopsies to this day. And CTE is now a professional medical term and it is a must for doctors to learn about in college. Through all of this Bennet knew even when times are tough you have to persevere and keep

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