The Negative Characteristics Of Laziness

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Laziness never was happiness
At some point in our lives we all experienced the need to just sit back, relax and be lazy. Before we can get comfortable in our relaxation, we remember our childhood and how our mother repeatedly reminded us how sinful being lazy was. We were told get up and do something useful with our time. We can’t argue that we aren’t born lazy and laziness is something that is developed within time and with age, but we can agree lazy days are enjoyable. Laziness can become a strong motivation, but it has a bad reputation. It is when we become so lazy that don’t get anything done that is harshly criticized. Determining which obstacles play into our laziness can help us tackle the issue so we can experience and live life more fully.
To many, laziness is a negative characteristic that usually initiates judgement. We get scolded for being lazy. What we sometimes fail to realize is that this seemly bad characteristic can be turned into a good advantage. Some of the most brilliant ideas of the world come from someone being lazy who wanted to minimize the amount of work it would take to accomplish an idea or task. We either wish we weren’t lazy or we wish our spouse and children weren’t. It is the lack of drive and ambition to want to accomplish something. Laziness leads to poor health, low self- esteem, low-confidence and depression. Being lazy robs someone from their sense of purpose and self-worth; it significantly stunts our self-development because we

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