The Negative Effects Of The Internet And Social Media

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Children and teenagers embraced the internet and social networking technology since the first time it appeared in their lives. During this period, social media was and have always been one of their first priorities and a significant aspect of their daily routine. Most adolescents prefer to spend their whole day connected to a social network site rather than communicating with their surrounds; they could get access to a number of social media’s accounts at the same moment without mixing up between them. As one might expect, this technology offers opportunities for young adults; it keeps them in touch with the wider world just by using a small electronic device. As with many other innovative technologies, social networking has it owns impacts on the teenagers; it could affect them whether in a positive or a negative way. Even though adolescents realise the risks of using the internet and social media sites, there are concerns whether they are using it properly or not. However, this paper explains the meaning of social network sites, determines the relationship between teenagers and social networking technology, compiles both positive and negative effects of social media sites for teenagers, and proposes possible solutions for parents and children to avoid the danger of this technology.
To begin with, the term “Social Network Sites” have been defined as the online websites that allow users to create and view a personal profile, gather a list of contacts, and traverse lists
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