Negative Effects Of Social Media On People

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Does social media have a negative effect on people?

Review on literature:

Social media may seem like a harmless sight of the online world, but it is filled with things that children, teens, and even adults may find extremely inappropriate. For teens and children, it’s filled with dark secrets. There are strange people who make bad content, and it could inflict them fear, and change the way they think. I use social media every day, and I find these things EVERYWHERE. Let’s get more into it.

According to The Chron, There is things like cyber bullying, which could cause suicide and non-verbal pain infliction. THere is also privacy risks, as you can post absolutely anything online. Predators and pedophiles roam the internet, like catfishes who ask for nudes or to meet up, etc… pretending to be the person’s age. Lots of inappropriate images, wording and more, no matter where you go, unless it is a certified children’s website. There is also lots of sexting happening in schools, which parents don’t even know about. In conclusion, there are bad ways of communications online by strange people.

Another idea from The FBI, there are many wanted criminals online. Personal information, and other data you want to be kept secret, can be stolen or leaked. You will find unknown people wherever you …show more content…

The websites told almost all the reasons why. The people I surveyed, mainly had their answers above the 5 mark. In conclusion to this, it has a huge effect, and is dangerous for people with mental and physical diseases. It is also having a negative effect on children too. This is the conclusion to “Does social media have a negative effect on

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