Why Vaccines Are Killing Our Children

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Stephen Parnell Professor J. Bocharova Eng.-103-5015 16 March 2018 Vaccines are Killing Our Children For no other reason than freedom should any person be made to put anything into their body that they do not choose to. In fact in California it appears the law makers have put a gun to our heads mandating we vaccinate our children. When it comes to vaccinating we always hear how beneficial vaccinating is and the lives that vaccines have saved, but the consequences are often ignored. In a case of a father of five who became paraplegic from the Whooping cough vaccine. In the video, Whooping Cough, Ben’s baby boy was born …show more content…

Conflict between individual good and the common good is at the core of this issue; hence it is really important to note that California seems to set the trends that the rest of the country has a tendency to follow. Of course the common good is always defined by the State, or the group of usually power hungry people who have gained control of the helm of Government. The United States has a responsibility of preventing illnesses and death, but not at the cost of our freedom to choose what is best for our family and individual needs. Of course the individual’s decision should be a well informed and educated one not a choice the state should make for us, but to help guide us in the right direction to make a confident choice. Vaccinations are felt to be one our healthiest actions. However, a moral dilemma lies in the balance of personal autonomy and choice versus protection of the risk of the entire population. During public emergencies such as an epidemic, of course vaccines should be mandated for mankind, but otherwise the decision should be a personal

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