The Never Ending Quest: Character Analysis

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Kali Forsythe History 1301 November 5, 2015 Renee Celeste The Never Ending Quest Andrew Jackson is mostly known as the 7th President of the United States, but in the book Andrew Jackson and the Search for Vindication, the reader learns that he was so much more than that. The author, James C. Curtis, repeatedly points out Jackson 's flaws. He also recognizes Jackson 's strengths and gives praise for his actions when necessary. In the book the reader gets to see what made Jackson the way he was and how his past affected him throughout his life. Jackson struggled his whole life with anxiety and insecurities, due to his childhood memories. Both his father and mother died at a young age along with his brother, leaving Jackson an orphan at just the age of fourteen. Curtis states, "No record of his exact thoughts exists, but his subsequent behavior suggests that he was …show more content…

Curtis does a magnificent job with telling the reader how determined Jackson was. Once he saw something he wanted, he fought for it with every bone in his body. Curtis states, "Jackson would meet nullification as he had met previous challenges, with determination to defend himself and his principles. He fully recognized the risk. 'I will die for the Union, ' he said fearlessly"(145). He refused to let it go and kept pushing the issue regardless of people 's opinions. The reader can tell that the author admires Jackson for this quality. Throughout the book, Curtis states Jackson 's strengths and weaknesses but really states his opinions towards the end of the book. He states, "...Andrew Jackson now symbolizes presidential greatness. Founder of the national party system,champion of the common man,and creator of the strong presidency are but a few of the accolades history and historians accord him"(184). He obviously thinks very highly of Jackson. The reader can assert that Curtis wrote this book so people can sympathize with Jackson, and even though he was not perfect, he always did the best that

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