Andrew Jackson And The Search For Vindication By James C. Curtis

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James C. Curtis’ “Andrew Jackson and the Search for Vindication” was actually a well thought out and interesting book. Curtis obviously does his research, and the story is very detailed. It is very easy to get lost in the story. Although some parts were really boring and some sentences were run on sentences, but for the most part it was a good story. Curtis wanted the readers of this book to have the whole perspective of Jackson’s life, and where he comes from. Curtis laid all the information out very well. The reader can learn so many new things about Andrew Jackson from reading this book. For example, how he thought his dad was a hero, only because he had never really knew him, and how growing up Jackson was a little rebellious and had a wild side, facts about the president that most people probably do not know. The evidence of all information seems very real too, because after he tells us another story of how he grew up, he gives Jackson’s input of what he had to say about it, almost like it was an interview. …show more content…

Which is why this is a good book for college students to be reading because it is very relatable, and teaches the reader how any goal is achievable, and to never say never, because coming from Jacksons whole life situation, from losing his mother to the smallpox disease to getting drunk all the times at taverns, Jackson still managed to become president and do a life time of goals that most people do not even think about doing. It sounds like a story to motivate others going through the same crises to achieve their

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