The New Deal Programs During The Great Depression

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The New Deal
The New Deal was a series of economic and social programs designed to provide relief, recovery, and reform during the Great Depression. Many of these programs were considered relief programs meant to help bring income to people. (lecture notes) While the Great Depression was terrible for the country of America it brought light to many new ideas that were able to help the citizens of America to be able to have a source of income and a stable job. During this time a program called the Federal Arts Program was created, as part of the New Deal. The Federal Arts Program was designed to help fund and support artists all across the country. The Program, like many others during the time, was created by Franklin Roosevelt to help people …show more content…

Many of the murals had themes of things such as labor in factory´s and businesses….The 1930s was a time when many people took interest in and experimented in the arts, and many artists were intrigued to try new styles and forms of art that had been around before. Artists such as Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, Ben Shahn, and many others were creating art that depicted the American landscape and its people in new and innovative ways. These artists, along with many other artists supported by the New Deal programs, helped to establish the United States as a major center for different arts. The work of these artists still is and will continue to be an important part of …show more content…

The New Deal´s support of arts helped to provide employment for struggling artists and it brought art to the citizens of America. This art helped to inspire and motivate people during this hard time. The murals celebrated workers and the progress of evolution. There is still art created during the New Deal that is all over the country that shows as evidence of peoples opinions and beliefs.

Franklin Roosevelt created the Federal Arts Program and he funded it with over 27 million dollars to support the artists. The funding of the program helped some of the famous artists of today such as Diego Rivera an artist from Mexico. Rivera overlooked the production of the Coit Tower murals under the funding of the program. The artists working on the murals in the Coit Tower were paid between $25 to $45 a week while working on the

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