The New Look Foreign Policy

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The foreign policy has existed several years before president Eisenhower, was to become the Thirty fourth president of the united states. It started with the thirty-third President Harry Truman and his goal was to contain communism in the world, to do so he created the containment policy when he was in office. After president Truman left office President Eisenhower came into office with a great intention to help the people of the world as well as the people of the united states. Due to Eisenhower experience in the military, it caused him to be extremely involved in foreign affairs. He was known for his military strength and experience, and this was something that gained him much fame and attention. After he became the President of the united …show more content…

It started out with the united states several years before the policy with the start of the Korean war. The Korean war started by the united states with the intention to end and stop the invader from the communist north Korea to the south, as well as to end communism in North Korea. With the war in North Korea (Parmar stated" North Korea—was beating the United States. US military operations cost around US$70 billion". Showing that with this military operation to stop communism have cost them so much money and they are not gaining any grown over the North Korean military. In the end, the outcome of this war was not of any good, sated by (Campbell) "After three years of grinding destruction, both sides were forced to settle for essentially the status quo ante bellum". Meaning it was the same as it was when the war has not even started in several years ago. Making the Unites states think about reducing its military spending due to the fact that they have contributed so much money to something and it turned out the same as when it has started. Which is why the New Look foreign policy was created by President Eisenhower and his Secretary of State John Foster Dulles due to the event that occurs before, as well as the event that is occurring during that time around the …show more content…

Its impact toward the united states economy, on one hand, shows a sign in this policy that has been created to help and not hinder any goal the states was trying to achieve. Although there was some minor problem in how it has negatively affected the united states and its people. The new policies have over all help as well as improve the united states economy in one hand, on the other hand, provided them the protection and safety as well as military weapon for war. This policy overall been successful due to the fact of achieving the goal of president Eisenhower in one hand of containing and preventing communism from spreading. As well as Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles goal in the policy to reduce military cost on the united states economy. Even though this policy may have had some set back it was still successful in doing what it was created to do in the first

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