What Is The Point Of View Of The Night-Soil Men

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The essay “The Night-Soil Men” was quite the revelation for how the lower class during the Victorian Era lived. In this literary piece there was an overwhelming amount of information about how these people supported themselves. They would go through the cities waste in search of something of value to sell. The ghosts of today would be the homeless people. The Night-Soil Men were considered to be ghost’s because they did not hold an acceptable place in society. This spiel gives the readers a clear use of metaphors, imagery and point of view. The point of view in which this historical literary piece was told was the outsider's point of view. Someone who is one the outside looking in. This piece let the readers know and almost feel the struggle …show more content…

To list of the different characters there is bone-pickers, rag-gatherers, pure-finders, dredgermen, mud-larks, sewer-hunters, dustmen, night-soil men, bunters, toshers, shoremen (Johnson1). They had different jobs, example “the pure-finders eked out a living by collecting dog crap” while he “toshers walked with a lantern strapped to their chest to help them see in the predawn gloom” (Johnson 1&2). Even though they all lived in horrible living conditions and had jobs no one would want they were still classified as lower. No matter if you were going through dog poop or carrying a heavy sack on your back. In this historical story, it gave us a chance to see how these people and made an earning while all the odds were stacked against them. To also mention this spiel was so descriptive that one might felt as if they were the ones carrying 20-30 pound sack for 30 miles everyday. Also keep in mind that this story was written on an outsider perspective based on facts not emotion. Which is good but would have been better if written by a Night Solier. This piece was interesting especially the word choices which kept the story

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