The Ninety-Two Resolutions Of Canad Evolutionary Or Revolutionary?

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A little after the Seven Years War, the people of Canada wanted to get their independence from Britain since the British were the ones controlling them. Canada was also afraid of the United States attacking or invading them and the British had been pushed out of the United States after the Revolutionary War. Canada did not want to become a part of the United States, they saw the United States moving west and they thought they were going to move north into Canada. To get the independence they wanted from the British they had to go through rebellions and they had tomake resolutions. Canada’s road to become an independent country can be considered evolutionary and/or revolutionary through the resolutions and the rebellions leading up to Canada becoming independent. …show more content…

So what does evolutionary mean? Evolutionary is a development in morals and ideas, or changes.The Ninety-Two and Seventy-Two resolutions are good examples of why Canada’s road was evolutionary because the resolutions were just rules or reforms to become a better government for independence. The ninety-two resolutions were a series of reforms in the British colony for domestic changes. The ninety-two resolutions was written by Papineau and it reduced the power of Governor and his chosen assembly. Whereas, the Quebec conference was a plan to develop a detailed plan for confederation in which it said there was one vote per colony except east and west Canada where they got two. Then Prince Edward Island started to worry about representation due to a small size. After that it then adopted the seventy-two resolutions and that was a plan of what the government will look

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