The Office: The Importance Of Television Shows

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Maya Angelou, a famous writer, once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” (Forbes). This quote is not only relevant for life, but it also has significance for a television series because a television show, if it is good enough, can change an entire day for someone. For the audience of a show, they will most likely not remember every single aspect of it, but they will remember how that show made them laugh, cry, or feel any other emotion. The Office proves to be the best comedic television series through its overall comedic value, plot, originality, and the awards the show has won.
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Originally, the office was a show in the United Kingdom, but then it was turned into a show in the United States based off the idea from the original show. For example, The Office (U.S.) pilot episode was almost an exact replica used from The Office (U.K.) pilot episode. Even though they used a similar pilot episode, after that they began to use their own content, which caused The Office (U.S.) to be more successful than The Office (U.K.) which was canceled after two seasons. The Office uses a fairly new style to film the episodes called a mockumentary or which is a mock documentary. Although The Office was not the first show to use this style, it was one of the first comedies to use this method. Due to The Office’s success, countless other comedic television series’ have tried to copy the mockumentary style, but none have found as much success from this style as The Office did. Another aspect of the shows originality is how the creators were able to make the audience feel a connection to the characters more than other shows. After being invested in the series, the creators somehow made it feel like the viewers were part of the office space the characters worked in. By doing that, everything that happened in the show made it feel like the audience was there, so everything made it seem like it …show more content…

For any project put on television, the highest award it can win is an Emmy. Throughout the entirety of the nine seasons, The Office won five Emmys, and was nominated for forty-two others (Emmys). Although neither of these numbers are the most, they still rank high enough for only having nine seasons to be considered for the title of best comedic show ever. Another prestigious award that television shows can win is a golden globe award. Through The Office’s nine year run, they won the award once, while being nominated for the award nine times (Golden Globes). The Golden Globe awards may be slightly less known than the Emmys, but they are just as significant of an achievement for the show as the Emmys. In addition to those extremely prestigious awards, The Office has also been nominated, and won, many different awards. Through the years, they have been nominated for 186 awards, and have forty six wins (IMDb). Overall, there are many more awards given out for comedic television shows than just from those award shows, and from those and other awards combined, The Office, averaged over twenty nominations and over five wins per year the show was on air. The awards that a series wins, help show how great the show was over its

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