The Outsiders Movie Essay

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The Outsiders; Book to Movie A famous book called The Outsiders became a movie in 1983. It was made by Francis Ford Coppola, he got the idea of making the book by S.E Hinton into a movie because he was inspired by a school librarian. The movie portrays the tough life of a gang in rural Oklahoma (Google). The book was published by S.E. Hinton in 1967, when she was only seventeen years old. Sixteen years later a school librarian in Fresno, California asked that a movie would be made about her and the students’ favorite book, which was The Outsiders, and it was a movie to remember. The movie featured an outstanding cast, which was the three Curtis brothers who had to overcome many challenges. The director, and the effort put into making the…show more content…
His skills were the result of many great movies. Some of Coppola’s most famous movies are, the Rain People, the Godfather part one and two, the Conversation, Apocalypse Now, and of course the Outsiders (Canfield). Coppola had always been interested in film, he was struck with Polio when he was very young, and he was forced to come up with many ways to entertain himself, such as puppet shows, which was the beginning of his interest in film (Ford). After recovering from his polio, he entered and was accepted to the New York Military Academy at Cornwallon-Hudson, but he hated the schools involvement and emphasis on sports, and he ran away to Manhattan. He returned to high school, and was involved in music, and plays, then he was accepted to UCLA. In his new college, “Coppola became a script editor, production assistant, associate producer, dialogue director, sound recorder, and second unit-director.” (Matthew). He was considered the perfect director for the movie, because he made the movie his own, and he used the traditional method to making movies in the 1980’s. This portrays that although he was given such an unfortunate disease, it led to his career. This is key because without polio, he would of never created The Outsiders, or any of his other stellar
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