The Outsiders Symbolism

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The Outsiders by S.E Hinton is a coming-of-age, bildungsroman, Novel, drama, saga book about the lower class of an oklahoman city called the greasers conflict with the rich kids called socs. When ponyboy and his friend Johnny get caught up in a murder, it changes the course of ponyboy’s life and the lives of the greasers and socs. In The Outsiders there is quite an emphasis on what you may think are simple details or repetitive mentions of the same simple sentence, but what they really are, are symbols telling you about the book’s true meaning. I have figured out what these symbols mean and will show you what they are. Two-Bit’s switchblade might symbolize the entire facade of being a greaser as a “real greaser” is usually just a hood with …show more content…

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When Ponyboy and Johnny return to the burning church it represents ponyboys growth throughout this portion of the story, he’s not afraid anymore which is why the church is burning he is losing more of those scared feelings and has become braver and does things, while other people think he would do them already, he probably wouldn’t do like trying to save the kids.In the book Ponyboy says “I should be scared, " I thought with an odd detached feeling, but I'm not. The cinders and embers began falling on us, stinging and smarting like ants. Suddenly, in the red glow and the haze, I remembered wondering what it was like in a burning ember, and I thought: Now I know, it's a red hell. Why aren't I scared?”(S.E Hinton, PG.79) When the church started to burn he wasn’t scared even when he was burned, he didn’t care either he had taken a humongous, colossal, monumental and absolutely megatonic bound out of his comfort zone to put it lightly. During my premise I detail why the church signifies Ponyboys courage and how the quote supports this, it specifies how much he doesn’t care, and when i say he didn’t care I don’t mean it in a sense that he thinks it doesn’t matter, I mean it in a sense that Ponyboy doesn’t care because he has the courage to push forward and focus on what is important, the

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