The Plebeians In The Roman Republic

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The plebeians were the class of the Rome mainly Latin people who worked hard for the establishment of the Rome Republic by throwing the kingship, discriminated by the patricians initially. Generally, at the meantime, the plebeians were poor people surrounded by the debt. If the debt is not paid to the creditor, they are supposed for imprison or work as a slave for the creditor. Additionally, the plebeians were able to vote in the "comitia centuriata", but they were not permitted to hold a new office nor they had the permission to sit in the Senate. If someone of the plebeians' class goes to serve the army, their families were driven away and their property was destroyed. Consequently, they have to borrow money for the survival and fall in the debtor again. However, it seems there was no way out for the plebeians from the poverty. Instead, the patricians were the class who were rich and politically sound to hold any position in the Rome. …show more content…

Ordinarily, after the revolt, the solemn was agreed, such that if the plebeian was not capable of paying the debt then his debt is canceled. In addition, the person who was put in the prison on the charge of not paying the debt will be released, the new office creation with the tribunes of the people in order to protect plebeians from any unjust action from the officials. The plebeians were capable to elect the two tribunes within themselves and appoint them. Along with this, the new officers (tribunes) were equipped with the "veto" power that may be applied, if any unjustified action took place against the plebeians. Apart from this, to make sure the tribunes do not face any obstacles while exercising their authority, they were made "inviolable", which means that they could not be arrested and if anyone interferes their lawful duty then he could be put to

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