The Poison Dart Frog

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The Poison Dart frog is a poisonous frog.It is one of the most poisunous.The Dart frog is very colorful and thats why I like it.This essay will tell the chararistics of the Poison Dart frog, its environment, and what they eat and how they get it. The Poison Dart frogs are very pretty looking frogs. They have very unique patterns like spots or stripes.They come in a variety of colors like orange,blue,yellow,green, and gold.They can only get to be about an inch long.Their skin is poisonous to the touch.Their skin is slippery and rubbery. The Poison Dart frog lives in a very small place.They live in northern South America.They live in the rainy rain forests.They live where it's warm and humid.It is always wet were they live.They live

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