The Positive, And Disadvantages Of Ageing As A Biotechnology

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Biology is a science that poses many questions and mysteries. Hence human beings are constantly seeking for answers to these doubts. One of these spectacular mysteries is ageing, which is a natural process by which most living beings go through. However, for many centuries, it has been unknown how and why this process occurs. As a consequence of the constant development of science and biotechnology, in the last couple of years, scientists have discovered some of the mysteries of this marvelous process. Now a day, it is even possible to reverse, in some cells the process of ageing. However, new challenges arise regarding the management and application of this new biotechnology. The purpose of this essay is to examine ageing as a biotechnology by discussing the positive and negative impact it might has. In this essay the advantages and disadvantages of ageing will be discussed.
Technological development has helped scientists to unlock and reveal answers for the main concerns of humans. It is well known that ageing is a process that happens at a molecular level. This assignment will define the process of ageing, how it happens and how it is used in biotechnology. It is important to highlight that the process of ageing is a very complex procedure, which happens, constantly in the human body and in most of living beings. Best (2014) defines ageing as “a syndrome of changes that are deleterious, progressive, universal and thus far irreversible”. Now a day is known that ageing is a

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