The Pros And Cons Of Arranged Marriage

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Arranged Marriage is very common in many different countries such as the Middle East and Asia. In many countries, it has become a tradition. It is when parents choose a partner for their children. Many people believe that arranged marriage is a bad thing. This is because different people have different opinions depending on their age group, where they come from and their religion. However, other believe that arranged marriage is a good idea, it guarantees a partner for them, its is more stable and secure than love marriage and also, it leads to everlasting happiness.

In the past, Arranged marriage was very common, and still is in some countries in the world. Arranged marriage is when parents choose a spouse for their sons and daughters. According to Gagoomal (2009), “Arranged marriage is broadly defined as unions in which people other than the bride and groom, typically parents or other family members, play important or decisive roles in determining who marries whom.” (p. 590). Asia and The Middle East follows this tradition and believe that marriage should come first then think about love. Some people believe in love at first sight, however, others believe that it takes time and patience to love someone and develop a relationship with them. Arranged marriage leaves their child with no choice but to marry the person they picked out for them. This may also be referred as Forced marriage. Many people believe that arranged marriage is a good choice because it guarantees a

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