Pros And Cons Of Recruiting And Staffing

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Essentially, there are many strategic choices an organization faces when recruiting and staffing. Some of the strategic choices involved in recruiting entail determining whether to have the following: (a) permanent versus temporary employees, (b) whether to hire internal versus external, (c) in-house versus outsourcing, and (d) determining what methods will be utilized. Moreover, selection raises the following issues of reliability, validity, interviewing, who are we as an organization going to interview, individual versus group, structured versus unstructured, testing/assessment, and reference checking (Mello, 2015). Also, recruiting for international assignments may need to follow the internal methods and employment branding and replacement …show more content…

Some of the key disadvantages to outsourcing is that the organization will need to find an affordable and of significant quality service provider (Traxler, 2012). Essentially, this can be very time consuming and costly. Furthermore, many of the well established and qualified service providers are very busy and stretched for time.
Unlike outsourcing, one benefit of in house recruiting is that you are able to build your own team for essential functions and the organization has the ability to control the providers time, activity and quality (Traxler, 2012).
The methods on how recruiting is done nowadays is completely different than how it was performed in the past. Time ago, recruiting and staffing was comprised of going through loads and stacks of resumes. However, now things are a lot more electronic. Some of the new methods of recruiting entail social media and video interviews. Many of the new aspects allow for the organization to gain a greater reach of applicants that maybe would not have applied in the traditional methods. However, organizations have to be cautious about how they go by in attaining information on applicants as to avoid discrimination based on either a protected class trait. Also with video interviewing, they have to understand that there are some questions they can not ask of the applicants. Generally, these methods are less costly and less time

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