The Pros And Cons Of Corruption In The Third World

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All this money in terms of legal and moral is the property of the people, and came from illegal way and in other hand the money came to the European countries from this side is illegal for those countries, I imagine it as money laundering and theft at the expense of the blood of poor people. those alleged links are a point in sea of corruption that we suffering in the third World countries by International companies are greedy of capital owners behind them seek to exploit all the conditions that help to make money and wealth by collecting money in twisted ways. The problem with Third World regimes is repressive regimes whose main thrust is corruption. What explanation for the purchase the son of the King of Saudi Arabia, the most expensive painting in the world and the most expensive palace in France and the yacht worth more than 450 million euros. I I will review two scandals... The Swiss leaks scandal, which has become known as a Swiss media, has revealed the involvement of HSBC in tax evasion and money laundering, which some have promised is the biggest scandal in the history of banks. Political and celebrity figures in the world of art and sport, as well as some businessmen and leaders of the gangs of the global drug empire and people involved in the activities of organized crime such as the mafia and some arms trade tycoons involved in supporting and provoking some trends and civil wars in many countries of the world,

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