The Pros And Cons Of Foreign Aid

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The consequence of wars, the political turmoil in countries or simply a country in debt; these all warrant a need for foreign aid. Although it may seem like the obvious act to do, is it really the right thing to do? It is firstly important to note what is the fundamental characteristic of foreign aid and what it entails, both for a country providing and the country receiving it. The aspect of aid can take many forms, ranging from goods and services or capital from foreign country to country in need. As situations in different countries continue to take new forms, aid can also be provided concerning military, economic means, etc. It is essentially a transfer of useful resources to a country, but that in fact raises some significant issues. Foreign aid has always been characterized as a generous and conscious effort by developed countries to aid developing, poorer countries. Although that is not always the case and it is important to note the negative repercussions that can result for a country at the receiving end. The perception with foreign aid does indeed seem ideological and in fact hopeful. However, there is a stark difference between proposing and analyzing a plan and enacting it and making it genuinely practical, which it is not, in today 's agenda driven environment. It is essential to know more transparently about the role of foreign aid what it institutes for countries. There is a conventional belief that foreign aid is always regarded as the right thing to do,

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