The Pros And Cons Of Human Cloning

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One of the most serious issues that are subject to debated is the thorny problem of human cloning due to the technological and scientific developments in our world. According to science fiction the difficult fantastic idea is no longer a dream but a reality that allows humans to get spare parts, and thus never think for problems of age, fatigue, exhaustion and laborious horrible works that are almost fatal. Proceeding from this ongoing debate we come up with a set of problems that we must deal frankly and realistically far from imagination, humor and surprise. That is why we have to ask ourselves and others: what are the pros and cons of the theme of human cloning? Do we have to think about it seriously or consider it to be a mere ridiculous, crazy imaginary fantasies? Has science truly reached human cloning? According to the website A “Scientists Great First Cloned Human Embryo” the operation that generated Dolly the sheep in 1996 has now been demonstrated well-to-do in humans. For the first time, scientists have made an unhatched clone of a person, using DNA from that person’s skin cells. In the future such a clone could be a source of stem cells, for super-personalized therapies made from people’s own DNA. Perhaps this clone might develop into a human as a team of biologists from the U.S and Thailand say since such a process on monkey embryo clones failed. In 2004 and 2005 Woo Suk Hwang of Seoul National University said that he had made human clones, but Hwang was
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