The Pros And Cons Of Human Genetic Testing

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“Human DNA testing should be permitted for selection of offspring traits.” In some areas of the world, such as China, scientists and researchers have conducted trials on human DNA in order to alter the genetic code and chromosomal make-up. The moral and ethical stance on the matter is high as it may be taken to the next level and be used to identify, edit and choose a genetic code suiting the wants and/or needs of parents or researchers. The offspring from such trials have been labelled ‘designer babies’ as some of their chromosomes have been selected and altered to reflect certain goals of their experiments. The claim “human DNA should be permitted for selection of offspring traits” can be broken down for easier understanding. For example, …show more content…

Chromosomal selection refers to the choice between the two chromosomes provided by each parent in egg and sperm. A simple example of this is, if B represented the brown eye colour chromosome, and b represented the blue, and both parents give Bb, this means that the child could be genetically modified to ensure that they are heterozygous brown (BB), homozygous, brown (Bb), or heterozygous recessive, blue, (bb). This could be used on almost any chromosome to control various traits. Unfortunately, “chromosome disorders… cannot… be corrected through treatment” (Sharecare, Online, 2018) and are much more complex issues, however it is recommended that this area be scientifically developed as an option for the future.
CRISPR-Cas9 is a gene altering tool used by medical researchers to add or change parts of the DNA. It allows genetic manipulation in a precise manner. “Crispr-Cas9 has already been used to genetically modify (nonviable) human embryos in China, to see if it is possible in principle,” (Ball, P, Online, 2018). It is clear that the devices needed to modify the genome are in existence and …show more content…

“(It) would exacerbate already existing discrimination, inequality, and conflict,” (National Geographic, Online, 2018). This is clear based on past events of world history. On a global scale it is considered that if an individual is not equipped with certain things they are shunned, abused or even omitted from the working class of society. Some examples of this that could well be comparable to the foreseeable outcomes of non-medical human enhancement would include Hitler’s rise to power, the division of races, and many religious conflicts. The consequence of these differences would be similar to those of a domination of designer babies. The need for supremacy and control will always be a driving power of the human race and so choosing traits of offspring for non-medical purposes would bring only

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