The Pros And Cons Of Juvenile Detention Centers

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Juvenile Detention Centers are the facilities that the government use for children that do not know how to act and are steadily getting in to trouble with either the law or in school. Some facilities do meet the requirements of education but then there are some that do not have the books or the technology to help the kids with their education. Then there are some facilities that don’t discipline the children in these facilities like they are suppose to; some let the kids do almost whatever they want and guards tend to get “cool” with the inmates, and give them more privileges than others.
A juvenile commits a crime usually because of the people they surround themselves with or the things they see others doing, only because they do not realize that when you commit a crime there is always consequences that come with that crime and they do not think that because, in most cases the people they see doing illegal activity haven’t got caught.
Some people that have a problem inside their brains tend to get in trouble with either the law or in school, in some cases, only because people do not see what’s wrong with them at first sight so that individual that has a brain problem will get around the community and they will do

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