The Pros And Cons Of Ryanair

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During the 2011, Ryanair have decided to decrease the airfare rate as a lower cost airline, but the controversy started when they started charging passengers for various reasons that are not necessary. The passengers concluded it as the cheaper but not cheerful airline. Ryanair charged extra for the name change on the passengers boarding pass, a boarding pass fees, excessive luggage fees per kilo, credit card use fees of the total amount, a checked musical instrument fees, a reserved seat fees, and the charges for a water bottle that requested by the passengers. Besides that, Ryanair also happened very often in poor customer service, hidden credit card charges, frequent delays the flights, and extra payments for fees or taxes. Nevertheless, the main controversy was caused by the charges where happened inside the cabin of the plane. On a Ryanair aircraft, the passengers have to load their own luggage onto the plane by themselves, the flotation devices were in the overhead compartment, there were no seat back pockets, and they have non-reclining seats. Appalling was they only have one lavatory on board instead of three before they operated. Somehow, it was chargeable to use the lavatory. Therefore, they were bringing in such a large profit because of removed the two lavatory in order to get six more extra seat on their aircraft. Other than that, Ryanair was not allowed their flight attendants and pilots to do what was right and ethical, instead they were having charged
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