The Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College System

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“The right to vote gives every eligible American a voice in our electoral politics. There's too much at stake to stay silent as this right is eroded.”(Martin O'Malley).Voting is supposed to be a guaranteed right to all but in reality, this is not the case. It is to be expected that the political parties running for office enjoy the process behind the Electoral College. The political parties influence the American citizens to vote for their candidate as the next President in order to benefit from the candidate's power. During the election, candidates use strategic tactics to produce more votes. Candidates tend to express what the people want to hear their speeches. For everyone else, the Electoral College is a stressful and complicated process. …show more content…

If you have to carry Florida to win, it elevates the already ever-present need candidates feel to pander to elderly voters, Cuban-Americans, orange-growers and any other group that can deliver a bloc of Floridians.” (Black).

Focusing on only swing states is bad because it can either do good or bad for the country. For example, in the current election between Trump and Hilary, Florida can determine the next the President. Florida was leaning toward the Democrats and started to go Republican. We are letting one state determine the entire election.

In conclusion, the Electoral College has been the basis of the voting system in the United States for very long time. It should be abolished because of its negative impact on the country’s legal system, such as the Voter ID Laws and nominated electors. A complicated system such as the Electoral College causes there to voter suppression. Politicians use unfair methods such as gerrymandering. Electors may not stick to their pledged candidate which causes there to be a shift in the outcomes of the election.The Elections put more weights on swing states causing other states not to gain enough

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