The Pros And Cons Of Voting

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Since the founding of America in 1776 countless people have either become disenfranchised by the federal government or backed the government. From laws being passed to decisions being made there will always be a division amongst the American people. Whether arguing over gun laws or citizenship rights, the debate is always there and met with some form of counter argument from either side. What makes America so great is the fact that you have the right to have a voice and speak out for your opinions. One of the greatest ways for a citizen to be heard is voting. Whether for local, state, or federal every vote counts and every citizen heard. In the creation of our constitution our nation has evolved from only white, male property owners being allowed to vote, to the passing of the 15th amendment in 1869 allowing every race or color to vote, up to the 1920’s allowing women to have equal rights in the voting process. Being a democracy is what sets us apart from many other nations in this country. Although Americans have the freedom to vote, there are still rules and regulations set forth to make the process a more smooth flowing affair. From filling out the application to meeting the qualifications, one American can find their voice as the determining factor for a sheriff, mayor or even president.
There are many need to know facts about voting, one of the biggest most controversial topics pertaining to voting is the presentation of a photo I.D. With some states standing for

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