Kamala Markandaya's Purpose In Life

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Abstract: Every human being has a purpose in life. It is up to one’s own capacities and inherent talents that one emerges to be successful in life. Success again depends upon one’s perception of life. With a positive mindset, one can remain to be happy and peaceful, whatever the situations turn out to be. A strong mind can churn out the best out of the worst and remain contented. With a blend of a little philosophy and maturity of thought, one can lead a conflict free life and resolve the problems as and when they arise. Life is thus a reality show which can be depicted through the pen; writers have been projecting their experiences and imagination through literature... clarify concepts, understand belief systems and expand their domain of writing skills. Exploration of knowledge and imbibing wisdom through literature enables the readers to widen their horizon of understanding life better. The purpose of literature and especially of fiction is to present a clear and realistic portrayal of life as lived in society and the various forces operating and bringing changes in it. Writers have shared their views on varied topics of interest, mirroring their perceptions through their writings. Kamala Markandaya is one such writer. Key words: conflicts ,resolutions, literature, knowledge , wisdom, aspirations , dreams. Every human being has a purpose in life. Everyone is unique in his or her own…show more content…
Each character speaks of the undeterred faith in her self during critical situations, facing challenges boldly and tactfully, and rising to the occasion. They project themselves to be positive, having innate confidence and strength. This remarkable attitude in them stands them apart, instilling courage and simplifying problems for
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