The Renaissance Was A Significant Event That Occurred Between 1300 And 1600

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Ashley Lopez Mr. Oliver World History 02 February 2023 The ideas and values that led to the Renaissance The Renaissance was a significant event that occurred between 1300 and 1600. The term "Renaissance" means "rebirth," and in this context, it refers to the resurrection of art and learning. We know that the Renaissance led to a shift in thought and how we see the world, there were changes in art, knowledge, and culture, but what concepts and values contributed to the Renaissance's emergence? There are a few factors that contributed to the start of the Renaissance, like the plague and war from the Middle Ages, increased social interactions, the emergence and spread of humanism, and different artistic or technological advancements. …show more content…

Famine and disease completely shook-up European society, and many people suffered and died. As a result, the population decreased, and with fewer people to feed, farmers began to produce more food than they needed, raising the standard of living. Schools began to provide a basic education, and trade increased, which led to the development of a new social class with nobility at the top, a middle class, and peasants at the bottom. The rise of Italian city-states also played a vital role in the Renaissance; Florence is where the Renaissance began. The Italian city-states invested in the arts to gain power and wealth through trade. The riches of the Italian city-state were crucial to the Renaissance and its development. This wealth enabled notable families to support artists, scientists, and philosophers, thereby encouraging new ideas and artistic …show more content…

As these scholars studied the Greek and Roman ideas and texts, they became influenced, and these ideas led to them developing a new outlook on life and the arts. The study of these ancient texts led to humanism. Humanism is an intellectual movement that was embraced by scholars, artists, and leaders and focuses on human achievement and potential. During this time, humanist views were reflected in education, architecture, and art. Following the new emphasis on individuality due to the rise of humanism, artists began to create realistic artwork. Leonardo da Vinci studied the human body to see how things worked, he created realistic masterpieces like the Mona Lisa portrait and The Last Supper painting using his knowledge of the human body and how it

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