The Role Of Domestic Violence In Genesis

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Last year a lady named Lena and she married an abusive man who had a severe drinking problem. He would take days off of work and drink terribly. And When he would drink he would become particularly abusive. And when she came pregnant it didn’t stop him. He would still knock her down, shake her around, and push her into walls. And that is just one story and i can tell you that there is a lot more stories and stories that we don't know, but people are to scared to say something. Have we all heard of domestic violence? In Genesis chapter 2, God created us as one, and he created us for each other.

All through the news we see men abuses women and sometimes vice versa, But why does this happen? It happens because people are disgusting and like treated other people different due to their gender. …show more content…

In the story, the Lord creates Adam. and the purpose of Adam was to look after all the fruits in the garden, and to look after the live stock. Adam did as he was told, but God saw that adam was lonely, as he had no one to admire him. So God put Adam in a deep sleep and he took out one of Adams ribs, and with that ride he create a woman, named Eve. With Eve, Adam become happier, so why should us, in this generation should we treat our opposite gender so poorly, when God created us for each other.

One in three women have experience physical and/ or sexual violence onest in there life. Thats 406,000, ladies that have experience physical or sexual violence in Australia. That is something that our God didn't create to see. He didn't create male and female to be treated to different and poorly. He created us to show each other that we care about each

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