The Role Of Sex Trafficking In The United States

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The United States prides itself in being “the land of the free” and the “land of opportunity,” yet this is not the case for the many victims of sex trafficking that reside in the U.S. Despite relatively strict legislation and visible media exposure of this crime against humanity, the United States continues to be a destination point for many victims of sex trafficking. Many Americans are surprised that this could happen here despite laws and organizations promoting awareness. A combination of American cultural attitudes toward the sex industry, both positive and negative, the ineffective enforcement of laws, and the high profitability for organized criminals are responsible for the persistence of sex trafficking to the United States. …show more content…

is a destination point for victims, there are many possible global solutions to combat sex trafficking. Examining the reasons sex trafficking persists in a country built on the ideals of liberty and freedom can aid in creating successful solutions to solve the problem of human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking. The most common form of modern day slavery, sex trafficking is defined for the purposes of this paper as the “transportation of persons within or across boundaries by force, fraud, or deception for the purpose of sexual exploitation.” Sex trafficking is a lucrative industry, existing in all types of sex industries such as prostitution, pornography, massage parlors, and strip

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