The Role Of Tactics In The Civil Rights Movement

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When a conflict occurs, finding a strategy for the solution is initially the first step. The Civil Rights movement was one of the biggest conflicts in American History .It encountered many events that uses goals, tactics, advantages, obstacle and results. The goal is what is trying to be accomplished or solved. A Tactic is the plan or approach and techniques used to get a result. An advantage is an good opportunity that will benefit your end result. The major advantage was the media such as magazines and news channels and the union of the African American race. An Obstacle is when something hinders progression. It can be a person, place,thing, or even yourself. A result is an end ,solution or the outcome. This 5 step strategy strongly effeted …show more content…

His body was shipped back to Chicago where his mother lived, she was astonished and infuriated at what they did to her son. Emmit Till’s mother , Mamie Till goal was to get justice to what happened to her son. Also she wanted everyone to be aware of how african Americans were being treated especially her son .Mamie Till had an open casket funeral for 5 days.She used this as a tactic to get her son the justice he deserves. Two black publications , Jet magazine and the Chicago Defender published pictures of Emmit Till’s body.The magazine became an advantage for Mamie Till because this picture drew a lot of attention from around the world.The media is a perfect way to spread news. This magazine allowed people from around the world to catch a glimpse of how their world is coming about. Emmit Till trial began in September 19, 1955 , the jury was an all-white jury which was an obstacle since the trial was about a murdering of a african American. On september 23, the all white jury acquitted Mr. Bryant and Mr.Milam all charges. Although Emmit’s mother did not achieve the result she wanted , the awareness she built set a catalyst for the Civil

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