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Introduction Romanesque architecture started around 1000 to 1200 AD around the middle ages, extending from the decline of the Roman Empire until the begging of gothic architecture. It is one of the most influenced styles of architecture but also one of the most hard to characterize. Unlike other styles it developed independently in diverse locations such as Italy, Spain, England and France. Its characteristics come from the ancient roman architecture that developed into bigger prettier and more complex constructions. However, there are different views in where it spread first as well as where it got more influence from. Throughout this paper, it will be discussed its different origins, characteristics and how it developed throughout time. Origins While the west Roman Empire was in a period of decline nomadic people came from central Asia such as barbarians and Vikings to occupy their lands (400- 1400) conquering the city of Rome itself around 476. The nomads destroyed many Roman Empire constructions that caused sources of knowledge like governmental authority disappear. On the other hand, they tried to maintain and follow some roman traditions and eventually converted to Christianity. Gradually, a new system …show more content…

Its name derives for the use of roman semicircular arches use in most doors and windows. The architects encountered a construction problem since they wanted to use masonry for the ceiling instead of wood. It made it more complicated since they now needed a stronger support for the ceiling. In order to find a practical solution, most of its buildings rely on the mass of the walls to support the heavy ceiling. Also, the use of arches tunnels for the roof made it more secure preventing it to fall which created what is called a vault. The vaults were on of the most important developments of this style. In essence there are three types of

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