The Rooftop ': Short Story: The Rooftop'

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The Rooftop Jun 02 Let me tell you our story, why we are called by the name, ‘The Black Belts’ and why even the strongest and notorious guys in school are scared of us. It all began in middle school. I was busy talking with Melinda, when some jerks approached us. They made fun of us, but that was the biggest mistake they did. “Hey Kayle, you look so dumb today. What happened to you? Oh, wait I forgot, you don’t have a brain!” The jerks laughed. “Jerks, the dumb ones are you guys for messing with us. If you stop making fun of us, we’ll spare you, and promise not to kick your ass! If I were you, run away now!” I said as a warning, but instead they just laughed. “Oh yeah? What are you going to do, Miss Kayle Kokoro? Show us your silly moves?” Again, the freaks laughed. “Kayle, let 's not waste our time fighting these freaks. Anyways, they are too boring to fight with,” Melinda says while she yawned. The freaks laughed more. They didn’t took seriously what we said. “So, you girls think you can fight with us? We will just make you cry!” I moved myself closer to him and pushed him. “Then try to make me cry now!” Their leader got mad that he tried to punch me. I gripped his fist by my one hand without having an injury. The guy was so surprised because of how strong I was. His mouth gaped, including all of his friends! He punched me with his other hand. My other hand held his fist strongly. I glared at him. “Leave us alone or your butt will get kicked.” “You are

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