The Ropes Theory

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CONCLUSION There are lots of theories that try to explain our research question. Some of them are based on science, others are based on assumptions, and yet there is no definite answer agreed by all researchers. At the beginning of the work, when we chose our research topic and still didn't investigate about our research question, we didn't know much about the island, the residents, and even about the statues. The question we have chosen is considered to be a mystery to many researchers because of the size and the weight of the statues. After a short Online Investigation, we found some articles that helped us learn more about the subject and learn the different theories. One of the theories that we have found claims the statues were placed…show more content…
groups of people holding ropes that tide to the head of the statue, tilting it side to side while pulling it forward and in that way making the statue “walk” to his place. We read about it in few sources, and even saw a demo video that explains how it actually worked. After research about the Moai it made a lot of sense to us. The D shape which were carved at the base of the statue made no sense, why the carved it only at the beginning and later on, the removed it when the statues arrived to their places. This fact convinced us that The Rope Theory is correct and the most precise theory there is to explain this. A lot of researchers believe that this is the answer to the mystery, and so are we. To sum up, we say that the Moai were moved by ropes, and groups of people tilting it side to side and forward in ancient roads making the statues arrive to their destinations in peace. PERSONALS REFLECTIONS GUY OZERI Working on this project was very different then working on other school assignments. I’ve learned a lot from the research due to the wide search we needed to do in order to start writing about any…show more content…
During the work and the research we did, we saw a lot of sites full of theories and information about this fascinating subject. Every researcher worked and developed his theory for years with the purpose to be the one who solve this mystery, and this is, for my opinion, what actually attracted us to this subject – the fact that there are so many theories and no one obvious answer. I enjoyed to take part in this project and to take part in this huge research behind this subject. Without it, this mystery of the Easter Island would have stayed a mystery to me. During the work, we all, and me particularly, learned how to summarize and merge data from different source of information and take every piece of information with a grain of salt. MAY ZEHAVI I find this subject of the Easter Island and the Moai very interesting because of all the mysteries floating Around the "Moai"

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