The Sandwich Factory Analysis

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Essay on “The Sandwich Factory”
Often times people get stuck in their work and spend all their time in a monotone job that they despise. After a considerable amount of time your body and soul gets affected and you lose control of your life, however what can you do to eliminate the inhuman capitalism that is in process?. The connection between whether or not your work is what defines you and your identity or if who you are is what determines your job is a central theme in the story “The Sandwich Factory” written in 2007 by Jason Kennedy.

The central plot of the short story is about an unnamed first person narrator who starts working in a sandwich factory. At the factory, he meets several unusual people such as a lustful girl
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The narrator hates his job and finds it incredibly mundane and he feels abused by the managers, therefore he uses humour and irony to feel better such as when he ironically mentions the reason for him being at the factory is him getting rejected by the bowling alley “In keeping with my station in society, and having been rejected by the bowling alley, I took a low-paid job at a sandwich factory.” (P.1, L 1-2). David Lodge also makes use of irony in the novel “Nice Work” where the title can mean that the work is being done nicely or that the work is nice and Robyn Penrose most definitely doesn’t think the work is nice. Robyn Penrose asks the managing director Victor Wilcox why the workers aren’t doing different tasks, however he insists the workers prefer it his way where they are the equivalent to robotic slaves and are getting zero stimulation “’That’s factory work. The operatives like it that way’ ‘I find that hard to believe” (Text 3. P.1, L 11-12). The workers both in “Nice Work” and “The Sandwich Factory” are working identical to machines and completing monotone tasks. Both Robyn Penrose and the narrator in “The Sandwich Factory” share the same opinion that work should not be dull or feel the same as
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