The Sayreville Hazing Incident

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Although the actions of the students of the Sayreville hazing incident suggests that they thought and acted as adults, this incident of their high school careers should not be used to ruin their future in colleges and life. As most of the students who were involved in the hazing were minors, they could be tried in a juvenile court and have their records closed. According to the New York Times ‘s article on the matter, it stated “A conviction in adult court results in a criminal record, and generally, longer prison terms” (DOYNE). If the students were tried as adults, they could be faced with longer prison sentences and have a criminal record. But whether they are tried as adults or juveniles, teenagers convicted of sex crimes are required to register as sex offenders for at least 15 years (Michon). Some might say that because sexual assault is a heinous crime, those students should have been charged as adults. However, I feel that their actions should have been better monitored and watched over. I do not believe that trying these minors, as adults would benefit them or …show more content…

If an athlete becomes so great at what they do, they can become arrogant. Although the football players did not have Narcissistic personality disorder, they did have a need for attention and sense of self-importance and superior to others (Bernstein, 488). This can lead to thinking they are the exception, and that nothing will bring them down (getting caught or punished). In her book “Good Self, Bad self”, Judy Smith suggests that ambitious people who are in a predicament will show signs of narcissistic tendencies more than the average person (Smith, 145). Marion Jones and the football players were ambitious athletes, however their self-importance took over. Marion’s need to win the Olympics made her take drugs. The high school players need to bring down others to raise themselves up, made them haze other students

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