Argumentative Essay On Concealed Handguns

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Today in the United States of America, the gun control is the top issue. Over 350 people die from gun shooting accidents, which results in the president to review the second amendment, the right to carry a concealed handgun (“Police one” internet). The citizens of the United States find it their right to bear arms, however guns get in the wrong hands. In order to carry a weapon, people must have a weapon license, and required an intensive background check to obtain the weapon. More often than not concealed handguns have a negative effect on society than positive. When the concealed handguns get in the wrong hands it can contribute to an accident. For example, in Helen, Georgia a drunk man sat on the bench attempting to shoot his hand. The bullet went through his hand and struck an old lady who was walking with her family across the street. The shooter who was later identify as Glenn Patrick was charged for involuntary manslaughter and was put in jail for one year along with fines and probation. This incident caused the governor of Georgia to prohibit any concealed weapons in the tourist attractions (“Coroner identifies Texas woman” internet). Another example of a shooting accident, happened in Erath County, Texas a 25 years old Marine Corps veteran Eddie Ray Routh killed the American Sniper Chris Kyle at the Lodge …show more content…

The solution to this problem is that an intensive background check must be made before someone buys a gun, to see if he or she have a corrupt background that might threaten the society. Also the States should prohibit carrying guns in the public for safety and increase police patrol to prevent shootings. Those who commit crimes by using weapons must be behind bars for more than 15 years to show people that this is not easy to run away from crime when someone attempts to use weapons in a negative

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