The Sharing Economy Analysis

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The sharing economy
Sharing economy is when you share or lend your property to other people so they can benefit from it, and in return you get paid for it. In this outline we’re going to look at three different texts which have different views on the sharing economy.
According to the first text “The sharing economy: a money-making space made for startups”, the author, Suzanne Bearne talks with the entrepreneur, Stephany, who quite likes the sharing economy. He believes that the sharing economy contributes to the creation of social capital, as it allows for example, one person to settle in a place that is first and foremost much cheaper than a hotel. and thereupon a place that will contribute to social value, such as a unique experience. …show more content…

In the article “Learning the wonders of the sharing economy in trip to Denver” the author Catharine Hamm engage the reader by starting off with the phrase, “Meet my friends…”. This phrase has the effect of catching the readers ' attention, because the author is talking directly to them, and obviously the readers want to read on, as they have been involved. This also gives Catharine Hamm the preparation to state her arguments.
Catharine Hamm uses her personal experience to convince us that the sharing economy helps to enrich our travel experiences. She states this quote about her trip to Denver “I met the nicest people, ate and slept well, found great office space, took a fun tour and learned a lot about my host city. ” She uses many adjectives that are positive, such as, nicest, well, great and fun. It gives the reader a positive image of the concept, and the reader is made to feel excitement and also wants to experience it. In addition, it also makes her look reliable since she herself has experience …show more content…

On one hand, there are people like Mary Dejevsky who has written the article “Uber and the “sharing economy” are leaps into the past, not the future”, that believes the sharing economy is unfair, and it’s not a positive trend, since it only benefits certain groups in society. And that especially the poor and the elderly miss out, as they primarily don’t have the technology, which allows them to access it. Personally, I understand the author 's frustration, but I must admit that I don’t agree with him. Now that the opportunity for the sharing economy is available, and people have the chance to pay less and get an experience, they should definitely exploit it. But the truth is also, it 's actually sad that it 's not everyone who gets access to it, but just because there are some people in society who will not benefit from it, that should not affect everyone

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